Thursday, 16 April 2009

Trotter out does his previous out doing

So now we know why Tortter's Fiji Agonistes piece was deleted - Trotter explains it had to go because he "... wrote it badly. Because it was unfair to Lew over at Kiwipolitico. And because, politically speaking, it was crap" (1).

To err is human, Chris, and speaking on behalf of the whole of the leftish bloglands of New Zealand, I forgive you ... almost.

Chris can't contain his ire at the upbraiding he has received, however, and spoils the contrite act by bemoaning the precious "sensibilities of some blogosphere purists" who complained about his deletion of the post.

Rather than complain, Chris, you should be grateful. Lets be honest - if the "blogoshpere purists" had not taken you to task, the post would still be there, in all likelihood, and besmirching you "portfolio." You wouldn't have been alerted to its fundamental stylistic badness, unfairness or political crapness.

(Note that Chris can't quite bring himself to admit that he was also wrong, about Fiji Frank and the Wanganui 'H' and his absurd attempt to draw a parallel between the two - a sort of Reductio ad absurdum in reverse, where Chris exposed his own foolishness, not someone else's.)

Rather than frothing at the moustache, Chris should eat his 'umble pie with better grace, and get on with exposing the lies and hypocrisies of the right, and helping to rebuild theNew Zealand's social democratic left, otherwise I'm sure there will be a second serving soon enough.
1 - All indicated quotations in this post are drawn from the post, "READER ADVISORY," posted by Chris Trotter on Bowalley Road, on the 15th of April, 2009. (


Paul said...

I found myself reassured by the portrait photograph with which Mr Trotter illustrated this post. Mr Trotter's commitment to quality control should be a lesson to us all.

lurgee said...

I found it very unnerving, as if he had his beady eye on me.

Perhaps we are unkind. It is possible he put up a deliberately unflattering image as a visual representation of his contrition.

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