Sunday, 12 April 2009

A 'traditional enemy' and proud of it!

I'm delighted to learn that my little blog has been judged a 'traditional enemy' by no lesser person that David Irving, who obviously found my comments on his mental health unhelpful (1).

The way Irving tells it
Johann Hari's article gets under a lot of skins - traditional enemies hint that Mr Irving invented the famous quote from Hitler's doctor's diary. (2)
The links provided are to a short notification about the Hari profile, by Daniel Finkelstein, and to my response to it, posted here back in January. Finkelstein's piece is just a recommendation to read the Hari's article. Obviously, I must be the scurrilous dropper of hints Irving refers to.

(Actually Mr Irving, you are wrong, s youso ofte are. I don't hint that you invented Dr Giesing's diary entry. I have no evidence to suggest that such a fabrication took place. I'm willing to accept your claim as to its contents until contrary evidence emerges. Frankly, I thin it is too ludicrous for you - even you - to have invented it.)

A 'traditional enemy.' To be thus described, by a Holocaust denier with a shaky grasp on the real world, is praise indeed.
1 - As described previously on lefthandpalm:
2 - From David Irving's Focal Point website, an index of miscellaneous items, listing such essential things as higgh resolution pictures of Mr Irving going about his business. The references to Finkelstein and lefthandpalm are included in a list detailig "David Irving in person': Viewed on 12th of April, 2009

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