Saturday, 30 June 2012

Random quote of the day

Only, it isn't random, as the recent convulsions of the British banking sector, and the continual agonies of the Eurozone put me in mind of it, and it isn't of the day as it is ... this month's only post on lefthandpalm, thus far.
"The clouds gathering over the money market are sombre indeed ... It almost looks as though the storm is about to break, but this might, of course, be no more than a prelude ... When the crash comes, however, there'll be a rude awakening for the English. I should like to know how many of the Continent’s speculative shares have found their way to England — vast numbers, I imagine. This time there'll be a dies irae such as has never been seen before; the whole of Europe’s industry in ruins, all markets over-stocked (already nothing more is being shipped to India), all the propertied classes in the soup, complete bankruptcy of the bourgeoisie, war and profligacy to the nth degree.
Engels, in a letter to Marx, in the 1850s.

Mutterings about Musk

Going to try to get into the blogging thing again (ha!) what with anew PM, an election coming up and all that. So today I thought I'd st...