Sunday, 26 April 2009

BNP Bigwigs Battle Burnout Blues

Apparently, the strain of preparing for the 2010 election is starting to tell on the leadership, candidates and activists of the BNP, according to a leaked memo considered by The Independent.

I feel very sad for the poor little tykes. Must be very hard. Maybe they should admit that Brits - for all their faults - aren't too interested in a nasty little bunch of NuNazis with a patina of Daily Mail respectablity about them.
Senior members of the British National Party are "burning out", a leaked document drawn up by leaders of the far-right organisation has revealed.

Long-serving activists are prone to fits of depression, picking fights with other members and "irrational or erratic behaviour", the BNP party manual says. It tells members how to spot someone with signs of "burn-out" and reveals that the BNP is dogged by in-fighting.

The details will come as some comfort to MPs who have cautioned that the BNP poses its biggest electoral threat for years as it attempts to capitalise on economic hardship. (1)
All together now, awwww. Diddums.

This is the best bit, however:
The booklet also warns activists not to set up official party blogs because "they can't write proper English" and describes some members as "oddballs". (2)
Hmmm. The party that supposeldy champions English identity and values is full of loons who can't write a coherent sentence in their own language.
1 - "Fighting, burn-out and depression: life as a BNP activist," by Jane Merrick, published in The Independent, 26th of April, 2009. (
2 - ibid.

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