Friday, 10 April 2009

The killing of Ian Tomlinson - truth will out

I couldn't actually believe this, when I saw this (1):

The Guardian is to be commended for its willingness to pursue this story, instead of buying into the police lies, put out to cover up the brutal, unprovoked assault on an innocent, law abiding man, which lead to his death.

A second video is available, showing the events after the assault - when, supposedly, the poloce were being menaced by a seething mass of protestors, and under bombardment as they tried to help Mr Tomlinson. The video can be viewed here (2).

Amongst other important points revealed in footage filmed around the crucial seconds following the assault on Mr Tomlinson:
  • The police shoved and pushed peaceable protestors in the area, some of whom were trying to help Mr Tomlinson, or calling for help. While it might be argued they were ttrrying to create space around him, it looks more like they were over-reacting in a situation where there was no control or co-ordination, just a bunch of armed and angry thugs with their blood up. Who happened to be in police uniforms.
  • The 'barrage' of missiles the police acocunts described was a single object, which can be seen at 19 seconds into the clip, which does not go anywhere near the officers. Protesters audibly shouting for people to back up and not to throw things. At 32 seconds, a protestor can be seen using his mobile phone - this is not a crowd seeking confrontation.
  • Three of the four officers had pulled their face masks up, concealing their identity.
The police have a duty to act as our protectors. As such, they are granted special privileges. Tis does not make them unaccountable, however, nor does it give them the right to carry out vicious, unprovoked assaults with impunity. The officers in question are a disgrace to the British police force, and must be prosecuted.
1 - 'New G20 footage shows Ian Tomlinson being hit by a policeman,' video clip hosted on You Tube, originally from a Guardian article by Paul Lewis, 'G20 protests video shows aftermath of police assault on Ian Tomlinson,' published on the 8th of April, 2009. The video is available through the Guardian ( and You Tube (
2 - 'New G20 video compounds doubts over police account of Ian Tomlinson's death,' by Paul Lewis and Peter Walker, published in The Guardian., 9th of April, 2009. (

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