Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Nasty Tory SHOCKAH!!

A Conservative local election candidate who said she could never support "the Jew" Ed Miliband has been suspended. 
Gulzabeen Afsar, a council candidate in Derby, made the comment on Facebook. In a post, she said: "Just can't take Mr Ed Miliband seriously!" and later said: "Never ever will I drop that low and support the Al Yahud!". 
Al Yahud is Arabic for "the Jew". 
The Conservative party said her comment was "offensive and wrong" and a full disciplinary hearing would follow. 
In a statement, Philip Hickson, chairman of the local Conservative association, said: "There is no place in the Conservative Party for these comments or attitudes either in Derby or anywhere else.
The barrel full of Stupid Tories is a very big barrel.  I doubt, even now, that we are anywhere near scraping the bottom of it.

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I am still here.

 I am still here.  I haven't gone away.  I'm just trying to shame you all into better behaviour through my disapproving silence.