Friday, 10 April 2015

Flanders' philanders

So the Daily Mail is breathlessly reporting that Ed Miliband ... wait for it ... may have had girlfriends in the past.  More than one.

Quite why the revelation that young people occasionally fall in-and-out of love is getting served up as news, and what the Mail hopes to achieve by making Ed Miliband seem more likeable and human, remains elusive, but that's the Mail for you.

I predict that 'Shagger' Miliband will see his personal approval rating rise perhaps as high as the low teens on the back of this dynamite.  Which, for Ed, would be truly impressive.

One of them, the Wail revealed, was economics talking head, Stephanie Flanders.  Who - I'm surprised the Mail didn't make more of this angle - also dated Ed Balls.

What lefthandpalm can exclusively reveal (because I just made it up, for the sake of a very bad joke) is that Saucy Stephanie rated her beaus.

Apparently, Ed Miliband gets a 10.  And Ed Balls gets an 11.

And I'll get my coat ...

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