Friday, 3 April 2015

More Mailevolence

The Mail has now put up a new headline about the leaders' debate:
Cameron dodges a bullet: PM escapes unscathed as 40% still think he is best to lead the country after Miliband fails to land killer blow and Farage is attacked for 'foreigners with HIV' comment
Again, no indication of bias there. None.

They also have an interesting pairing of images. Milliband is shown looking angry, where as Cameron looks calm and quizzical.

Even more interesting, Milliband's photo makes him look a lot shorter than Cameron. Ed is shorter, by an inch or so, but the connotation of the photos is obvious - angry little man, looking cornered (Milliband) versus taller, calm, taller, at most mildly curious taller man (Cameron).

And the taller man tends to win elections, of course.

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