Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Keeping Silent on Child Abuse

Today, at twelve minutes past midday, a three minute silence will be observed to show opposition to child abuse (1). It has been promoted by Sensible Sentencing Trust, Family First, and For the Sake of Our Children Trust. Three minutes, one minute for each year of Nia Glassie's life.

The groups have said "We are sick and tired of doing nothing while our babies and children are being beaten and murdered" (2) (my emphasis) but advocate just that - a silence,` the most futile and pointless of symbolic gestures.

Someone so warped that they would hurt or kill their own child isn't going to notice people standing about doing nothing for three minutes. It isn't going to make a whit of difference, except to the consciences of those who take part, who might feel that they've done something.

Uncomfortable truth time: doing nothing changes nothing. By all means, take part in the demonstration, but at the same time make a phone call to Barnados to make an automatic donation of $20 - 0900 4 0900.

Or visit the website (3), to make a donation of a different amount - how about $30, that's just $10 for each year of Nia's life?
1 - "'Three minute silence' call against child abuse," unattirbuted NZPA story, in the New Zealand Herald, 6th of August 2007. (
2 - ibid.
3 - Barnado's website, (

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