Friday, 24 August 2007

Andrews admits anti-terror laws are wrong ...

... Because he feels they aren't broad enough. He is claiming that Mohammed Haneef walked free, not because of the fatal combination of a lack of any real charge to bring against him and the incompeence of the AFP and *cough* Kevin Andrews *cough*, but because they aren't wide enough:

"The reason why the charge against Haneef was withdrawn goes to the question of whether or not the people involved, or allegedly involved, in the UK were members of a terrorist organisation," he said.

"Had the legislation been written in a different way that referred to people engaged in terrorist activities, rather than a reference to a terrorist organisation, then it may well be he'd be facing a charge today." (1)
Obviously the people who drafted the laws were fools and incompetents. Who was that, then, Kevin? Perhaps that could have been sorted out, if more time was allowed for discussion before the law was passed. Again, whose fault was that, Kevin? (2)

Andrews is a fool. If the secret evidence is so confidential that it can't be revealled due to "intelligence concerns and the need to protect investigations" (3), then surely even hinting at it may jeopardise it? He should keep quiet about the whole thing, unless of course his true aim is excusing his behaviour.

1 - "Different laws would have caught Haneef, says Andrews," By Paul Maley and Hedley Thomas in the Herald Sun, 24th of August, 2007. (,21985,22299479-662,00.html)
2 - If you're wondering, it was the Liberal / National coalition, which is lead by a certain John Howard, and in which a certain Kevin Andrews serves as Immigration Minister. Funny how these names keep popping up. (
3 - Maley and Hedley, op. cit.

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