Monday, 27 August 2007

Australian Irony

The AFP have complained about the release of the second Haneef interview:

The AFP tonight attacked the release of the "confidential" transcript, saying
such leaks generated misinformed and speculative reporting. (1)
Whereas Kevin Andrews releasing partial transcripts (2), or Mick Keelty making weaselly insinuations (3), would not. No, I don't get it either. Just as well we have such fine men to do our thinking for us.

Though I suspect they may be trying to stupify us into submission with the blatant nature of their idiocy and hypocrisy. Or they are constructing some sort of real-world satirical meta-narrative, though given the intelligence of those involved, that seems unlikely.

1 - "Haneef lawyers release second police interview transcript," unattributed AAP article on, 23rd of August, 2007. (
2 - as described on lefthandpalm at an earleir time:
3 - As described on lefthandpalm at an earlier time:

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