Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Human Rights Commissioner calls for Haneef inquiry

Even though John Howard has already ruled it out (1). Howard is quoted as saying "We don't need a judicial inquiry, that is a politically inspired call by Mr Rudd," (2) which is pretty brazen as his own claim that there is no need for an inquiry is as obvious a piece of sweeping troublesome political dirt under the carpet as you could wish for.

Anyway, the ACT Human Rights and Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Helen Watchirs, has added her voice to the demmands of the Greens and the johnny-come-lately Labor Party for an investigation, saying:
"I think an independent inquiry by a judicial officer and possibly the police integrity commissioner to look at the actions of the AFP (Australian Federal Police) is needed,

"I'm not sure who would do an inquiry into the DPP (Director of Public rosecutions).

"You would probably need an independent judge with Royal Commission powers to do that." (3)
Expect a total-refusal-to-care-what-other-people-think from the Howard camp.

Meanwhile, Howard has made another invidious comment about Mohammed Haneef, rejecting Haneef's rather naive request to be given "honorary" Australian citizenship with the implication that Haneef is a bad person:
"I’m not sure that we have honorary Australians anyway, but he wouldn’t be the
sort of person you’d make an honorary Australian" (4)
What does that mean John? Do you have anything to back up this calumny? If so, why did you let him go? Or do you just like making nasty comments about innocent people?
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