Monday, 20 August 2007

AFP try to gag Haneef's lawyers

Although they thought it was okay for Kevin Andrews to release material from the second police interview with Haneef, the AFP don't want Haneef's lawyers to do the same:
The AFP have provided Haneef's lawyers with the transcript of the 12 hours they interrogated the Indian doctor before charging him on July 14 with providing resources to a terrorist organisation.

That charge was dropped when the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions decided there was not a reasonable prospect of conviction. Haneef's lawyers were given the interview transcript on August 8, the day the doctor's appeal against Andrews' decision to cancel his work visa on character grounds was heard in the Federal Court, The Age reported on Friday.

In an accompanying letter, the manager of the AFP's domestic counter-terrorism unit asked Haneef's lawyers not to make the transcript public. (1)

This lack of even-handedness suggests that the AFP aren't neutral in this - perhaps Andrews and Keelty have realised that they sink or swim together.
1 - "Fresh brawl over Haneef's second interview," unattributed PTI article, in The Times of India, 17th of August, 2007. (

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