Saturday, 11 June 2016

The End of Cameron

Cameron really is hopeless, isn't he?

He's arguing that if we leave the EU the world will immediately dissolve into a state of war, famine, plague and Mantovani.

So why did he risk unleashing this apocalypse by offering a referendum as a sop to a few grumpy MPs and UKIP voters?

If he loses (and it is looking, insanely, like he will) he is finished; if he wins, all the problems that made him offer the referendum remain, and are worsened, if anything.  It shows an impressive lack of strategic foresight.

But then, we are talking about the man who could only manage a draw against Gordon Brown, even with the 2008 Financial Crisis to help him.  And could only defeat his coalition partner in 2015, not Ed Milliband's Labour in 2015.

A hopeless clown, a blustering buffoon, strutting and fretting and soon to quit the stage.

The only Prime Minister of the 21st century so far, to whom the label, "As bad as Blair," can be applied.

Anyway, get used to this:


red-blooded said...

Brexit would be appallingly stupid. Let's just hope that they come to their senses. Not much time left for them to realise they're being fed brullshit, though...

lurgee said...

My hunch is that it will happen.

Not by much, but it will happen. It's the riht's Corbyn / Sanders moment - their chance to show 'Them' (whoever the voter in question thinks 'They' are) how mad they are about 'Stuff' (which is generally ill defined).

Sadly, while electing Jeremy Corbyn would, at worst, only hobble Labour for one electoral cycle, voting to leae the EU is likely to hurt Britain more significantly for a good deal longer.

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