Tuesday, 28 June 2016


John Woodcock has confirmed his status as an outstanding arse (and not in a good way) by penning yet another screed against Jermey Corbyn:
A lot of people who voted for Jeremy last year have looked at what’s happened and thought, ‘No, actually it’s not right’. And this has real consequences.
John, we're looking at what is going on just now, and thinking, "That's not right."  We're watching a co-ordinated attempt to destroy the leader of the Labour Party, and we think it looks like the right of the party trying to over-turn the decision of the membership.

You, of course, are too caught up in the Westminster psychodrama to see how utterly repulsive you and your conspiratorial colleagues look.

If you could see yourself as we see you, you would never have written anything as cloth-eared stupid as the lines quoted above.
Jeremy has surrounded himself with people who have never cared about the electoral fortunes of the Labour party ... That not only suggests that Jeremy is wrapping himself in a bubble from which there is absolutely no chance of us being able to change the country and also to allow tacitly that message which dehumanises members of parliament.
Again, John, you are confused.  Or - since I don't think you are stupid - dishonest.

What choice has Corbyn had but to surround himself with "people who have never cared about the electoral fortunes of the Labour party" (a cumbersome code for leftwingers)?  The rightwingers refused to work with him and have continually attacked and undermined him.  You, John, have been outstanding in this regard.  Which does not show much concern for the electoral fortunes of the Labour Party.  Again, you know this.  You just pretend otherwise.

The funny thing is, you've almost certainly lost.  You couldn't push Corbyn out yesterday, so all your faction have managed to do is demolish the party's chances of winning any imminent election.  Well done.  People up and down the country who will have to live with a further term of Conservative misrule will hate you.

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