Sunday, 24 May 2009

Hilarious. Insanely hilarious II

The British National Party are trying to introduce youngsters to the delights of racial supremicist bullshit Hitler worshipping ignorance and philistinism through the wonders of cutting edge multi-media technology. Or, at least, some troglodyte has filmed a sock puppet and stuck it up on You Tube (1) in an effort to win over the youth to the cause of Aryan advancement:

So woeful is this in all ways I don't think the youth of today have anything to fear from it. Those that don't immediately turn away to look at more interesting stuff, like paint drying or moss growing, won't be able to make out the lyrics, delivered in a piping voice which confirms suspicions that one of the membership requirements for the BNP is a set of undescended testes.

The lyrics are stupendously stuped, vis the first verse, featured on Have I Got News For You the other night. Bear in mind this is as an 'Educational poem':
In AD 20 was born a queen,
Boadicea was her name,
But then one day from across the sea,
Some mean old Romans came.

They took her land and beat her kids,
And that just was not right,
So she fought and died for freedom,
And Boadicea was white!
And, fuck me, that's just 45 seconds of a five minute video. I didn't feel it necessary to watch any more.

Putting to one side the small matter that the Romans were as white as the inhabitants of the island they invaded, the BNP moron who composed this masterpiece, this latter day Triumph of the Will, refers to the rebellious queen as Boadicea. That name derives from Tacitus, and the correct name of the Celtic queen was Boudica (2).

So the staunch defenders of all things Anglo Saxon (never mind Boudica pre-dated the Anglo Saxons by about 600 years) are using the name given to her by the fascist oppressor invaders. Which isn't suprising, given their admiration for fascist oppressor invaders of more recent vintage.

And on purely aesthetic grounds, the four syllable Boadicea does not scan as well as the three syllable Boudicca.
1 - "Heroes by Billy the Brit," produced by BillyBrit Puppet, hosted by youtube. (
2 - 'Boudica's Name,' courtesy of Wikipedia, viewed 24rd of May, 2009. (

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