Saturday, 30 May 2009

Budget Bill, part 3

Budget Bill says he's boosting Maori spending (1). We remember, something about race based funding. We don't say anything, because Budget Bill is better than the person who said that.

Budget bill wrong foots us. Budget bill tells us he's got $321 million for research, science and technology. We blink. We shake our heads. We do some sums. We look aback at Budget 08. We see Dr Cullen promising investment of $1.1 billion operating and $747.3 million capital in these areas (2). We see names like New Zealand Fast Forward Fund. R&D tax credits. We remember what happened to the tax credit. We wonder what happened to Fast Forward. We discover Budget Bill scrapped it, too (3).

We know when we're getting bilked. We admire Budget Bill's cheek. We salute his gall in nixing research projects and then reannouncing it. We wonder what happened to the millions fdifference between what was promised last year and what is promised this year. We think, maybe it is our tax cut. We look forward to that.

Budget Bill puts up money for new police officers. We think, he will need them. We think, the policies pursued by his government will mean these police will be very busy indeed. We applaude the $256 million to manage the increased number of offenders serving community sentences and improve the quality of parole and home detention management. Budget Bill says, he's got $385 million over the next four years for increased prison capacity. We remember, Michael Cullen promised us $216.3 million to replace Mount Eden. We admire Budget Bill's enthusiasm for recycling.

Budget Bill promises us more roads. We have heard this before (4). We wonder, why roads are so expensive and cycleways so cheap.

Budget Bill talks broadband. We don't think the figures are big enough.

Budget Bill talks tough. Budget Bill says, that's the end of the good news. We think, we know Budget Bill. Budget Bill is joshing us. Budget Bill still hasn't mentionedf our tax cuts.

Budget Bill says, he won't be paying anything to the Super fund.

Say what?

Budget Bill says, he won't be paying anything to the Super fund.

Budget Bill? Did you say that right?

Budget Bill says, it makes little economic sense to burden future generations with debt. Budget Bill clearly knows less about economics than we do. Bufdget Bill should know, when the market is down, you shovel more money into it. Buy up cheap. Makee money in long run. Budget Bill doesn't get this. Or maybe Budget Bill does. Maybe Budget Bill just hates Michael Cullen and wants to destroy his legacy.

We remember Budget Bill saying, he did not want to saddle future generations with the cost of short term policies. We think, he is doing just that. We say, he's creating a massive pensions gap which will wreck the economy in ten years time. There won't be any money to pay pensions with. People will have to work until they drop. People will get a pension counted out in cents. We think, is this what Budget Bill really wants.

Budget Bill says no tax cuts. Budget Bill says he can't afford them. We think, we thought you were a neo-liberal Laffer Curve junkie, Budget Bill. You thought, the best way to stimulate growth and increase tax revenue was to cut taxes.

We wail, and gnash our teeth. Though it feels like Budget Bill has just kicked them out.

Budget Bill says, this is necessary. He says, the world has moved very quickly from the best of times to the worst of times. We think, you ain't seen nothing yet, sucker. We think, should we vote NAtional for the next two decades so they have to deal with the mess they are creating?

Budget Bill says, this Government’s aspirations are for an economy that values enterprise, rewards people for effort and encourages them to get ahead. We think, he's only bloody made getting ahead a necessity. Because there won't be anything for you to retiire on if you don't grab it now.

We say, this is the Budget of Fear. Budget Bill used fear to justify his assault on the legacy of the previous administration, by presenting the worst case scenarios outlined in BEFA 2009. We say, Budget Bill has hamstrung the economy by starving it of capital to fund research and innovation. We say, Budget Bill has created a disaster-in-the-making that will play out in 20 years time.
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2 - "Budget Speech," delivered by Michael Cullen MP on the 22th of May, 2008. (
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I would like to see these videos reviewed.

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I would like to see these videos reviewed.

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