Sunday, 17 May 2009

David Irving's take on the expenses fiasco

From the pages of David irving's online diary:
IN the evening, the television news announces that a Mr Shahid Malik, Britain's previously unnoticed and unheard-of "Justice Minister," who turns out to be a Black with a Midlands accent, has announced his resignation for fraudulently claiming from the taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds rent repayments for a property. He tours the TV studios at mid-day professing his honesty. As my Mother used to say, "The more they talk of their honesty, the more we count the spoons." By evening, the prime minister has been forced to suspend him.
I did not even know we had a justice minister, let alone a Black ... (1)
WTF is with the capitalisation of 'black'? Why is Mr Malik's skin colour relevant at all? I'm interested in his competence and his honesty, not his pigmentation. Still, some people might have different priorities, and think a dishonest all-white Britain preferable to an honest not-all-white Britain.

We haven't arrived at either, od course, but it highlights what I suspects are Irving's priorities - racial purity over moral purity. Though he would probably argue the two go hand in hand.

Further on, he seems to return to the theme of racial taint in Britainia:
A real British Parliament must now cleanse its green-leather benches of the fraudsters, phoney Britons, embezzlers, shysters, and freaks ... (2)
"Phoney Britons"? What could he mean ...
1 - From 'A Radical's Diary,' by David Irving, dated 15th of May, 2009. (
2 - ibid.

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