Monday, 21 April 2014

Giving Daleks a bad name

Davros is not impressed, apparently, at his children being compared to Michael Gove:
A member of the teachers’ union insisted that the Education Secretary was determined to “exterminate anything good in education that’s come along since the 1950s”.  
Ian Murch launched a scathing attack against Mr Gove, and described the embattled minister as a “parody of an Education Secretary” with a “mad idea for every occasion”. 
He led calls for a replacement who “believes in treating teachers properly and respecting their professionalism”.  
"We are here to do the public a favour, to make sure Michael Gove's days are numbered. Michael Gove you have to go,” he added. 
Michael Gove is succeeding where the Spanish Armada, Napoleon, Kaiser Bill, Hitler, Stalin and Arthur Scargill all failed. Cameron! For the sake of Britain! Sack Gove! Then yourself!

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