Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Attack of the Return of the Revenge of the Night of Boris Johnson

The Great White Shark is circling closer and closer ...
Boris Johnson is to announce he will stand for Parliament at next year’s election – to avoid speculation on his future overshadowing the Tory campaign.
Friends of the London Mayor say he accepts he must make his intentions to return to national politics known well before the Conservative conference in October or risk becoming a distraction at the party’s last major event before the general election next May. 
Allies also fear that his public dithering over the issue is damaging his reputation among the Tory MPs whose support he will need if he eventually launches a leadership bid.
Cameron's only chance of hanging on after the Inevitable Defeat of 2015 was to wage his fingers at the dozen or so Tory MPs left in the Commons and say, "Well, chaps, calm down. I might have led us to defeat against a useless wet-bus-ticket of a Labour leader, just as I almost lead us to defeat against Gordon Brown, but really, can any of you clown hope to do better? Really, Michael, you think you could. Don't be silly. You look like a deviant frog. George? You're nothing without me. Okay, you're nothing with me. But you're less than nothing without me. Zac? You're in the wrong party. Nick? You're not even in this party ..."

 Now the Ego is about to land in a big way, and squash poor little Dave quite quite flat.

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