Monday, 3 May 2010

Dustbowl terrorism

while the immediate assumption was that the Times Square car bomb was the work of Islamists, my suspicion is that it is more likely to have been planted by someone in the Timothy Mcveigh/Unabomber/survivalist-militia mould.

I think we might see a lot of incidents like this in the years to come - embittered people who have seen their lives fall apart in the credit crunch, lost their homes, farms, whatever, lash out at the government, the banks, big cities, whatever is convenient and sufficiently 'other' to project their self loathing and sense of failure on to.
1 - "Times Square Bomb Scare: Foreign Militants, or Homegrown Terror?" by Howard Chua-Eoan. Published by time, 2nd of May, 2010. (,8599,1986469,00.html)

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