Monday, 3 May 2010

BNP civil war - part IV

The BNP is in full on denial mode, following the publication in the Sunday Mirror of allegations of racism and hypocrisy, made by a former member, Simon Nicholson:
Ex-soldier Simon Nicholson joined the party in 2007, believing leader Griffin's claim that the party was no longer racist and would campaign on local issues.

He was even praised by Griffin when Simon came within 16 votes of overturning a 1,000-vote Labour majority on Cumbria County Council.

But after growing disillusioned with the party's racism, Simon agreed to work with the Sunday Mirror just before and during this General Election campaign. For nearly three months he kept a diary exposing the sickening racist extremism of BNP members and the true face of the party's far-right views.

Simon, 37, got right to the heart of the B N P 's election machine, At one rally in the North West, he watched as Griffin branded women in burkhas "big, black crows".

At a meeting in Cumbria, BNP National Organiser Clive Jefferson hit out at plans for a Muslim school in Burnley, labelling the scheme "a breeding programme".

Other BNP activists criticised mixed marriages and branded an area of London which has a large black community as "C**n City".

Simon also secretly filmed senior figures admitting how Griffin had taken advantage of the generous expenses system for Euro-MPs, bragging that "we play them at their own game". (1)
The BNP's response is quite hysterically funny, as it shows how rattled they are by this latest batch of allegations. I mean, the BNP racist and hypocritical ... how could this be?
The Labour-supporting Mirror rag, which pretends to be a newspaper, has resorted to paying people to lie about the British National Party for the sake of a made-up story, according to BNP national organiser Clive Jefferson.

Responding to a particularly pathetic smear story published in today’s edition of that newspaper, Mr Jefferson dismissed as “outlandish” and “pure lies” the vast majority of the claims made therein.

“The Mirror’s source was a person who had once stormed out of a BNP meeting and then left the party a few months ago,” Mr Jefferson said.

“He then came back a few weeks ago and said that he wanted to help us once again. Now it transpires that he had been paid £6,000 by the Mirror to manufacture a set of lies about the BNP which include things which I know for a fact were never said,” Mr Jefferson added.

“To make matters worse, he sent us a text message this morning from his mobile phone admitting that he had done it for money and asking for forgiveness.

“At least he was honest enough to say that he had made it up for money. It is sad that people can be persuaded to make these sorts of outrageous lies for the sake of money. The BNP will not, however, allow itself to be deflected by attacks of this nature.

“Quite frankly, if this is the worst they can throw at us — a pack of lies generated out of paid liars — then we have nothing to worry about,” Mr Jefferson concluded. (2)
This is grand stuff. If the BNP claim that he was a nobody is correct, it shouldn't be difficult to prove - did he stand for council (He did - Kells & Sandwith ward (3)), did he meet the people he claimed on the dates they claimed, and so on. But Jefferson is very vague on details and doesn't actually refute anything.

That's because it takes time to re-write history properly. Nicholson, like Mark Collett (4), will turn out never to have been important in the BNP, and eventually it may even be discovered he never even joined.

In fact, it will doubtless be revealed, in due course, that neither Collett, nor Nicholson, nor Marc Onion (5), nor Alby Walker (6), were ever so much as paid up members, ever attentded meetings or were ever seen in public with Nick Griffin. Anyone remembering differently will be 'reminded' of the correct truth by large men with very short hair and tattoos, and if they persist in remembering things that just didn't happen, they'll meet with unfortunate accidents, like running into fists in dark alleys, or falling onto knives.

Most unfortunate, but when you are so very stupid as to misremember basic facts like the fact that Collett, Nicholson and Walker were absolutely nothing to do with the BNP, then what can you expect?

Then, of course, will come the day - in about six months, I suspect - when Nick Griffin will be written out of BNP history in favour of Andrew Brons, and quite possibly Mark Collett.

Confusing, eh?
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