Monday, 3 September 2007

Would Orwell have been a blogger?

An amusing piece (1) in The Observer, by Robert McCrum. Should be followed by reading Orwell's essay, Politics and the English Language (2) , which is referred to by McCrum.

It is probably unfair to point out McCrums's occasional slips into un-Orwellian vagueness. He indulges in some bloated writing which probably wouldn't impress Orwell: "the democracy of the web is in danger of becoming a cacophonous nightmare ... there are a score of half-baked rants: ignorant, bilious, semi-literate and depressing." (3) Are four adjectives necessary? Why not just say they are badly written?

1- "Would Orwell have been a blogger," by Robert McCrum, in The Observer, 2nd of September, 2007. (,,2160684,00.html)
2- "Politics and the English Language," by
George Orwell. (
3 - McCrum, op. cit.

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