Thursday, 20 September 2007

Tamaki's plans to RULE THE WORLD put on hold ...

Brian Tamaki's latest neo-facist cult, sorry political party, has fallen apart (1) in what may be a record for for political ungluing.
Wrangling over the co-leadership of a yet to be formed Christian party has taken another turn as both leaders accuse the other of breaching good faith.

Independent MP Gordon Copeland said he could not work with Richard Lewis from the former Destiny New Zealand party just two days after it was announced the two would co-lead a new pan-Christian political party. (2)
The poor thing didn't even have a name before it came unstuck. I feel this is a great shame and wonder if anyone has any suggestions for a suitable acroym? Perhaps Definitive Incorporation of Christian Kindred Souls Converting Aotearoa To Christian Hope? D.I.C.K.S.C.R.A.T.C.H. for short.

According to Lewis, the co-leaders were selected by some shadowy force operating behind the scenes:
A "measured" decision about the co-leadership had been made by people other than Mr Copeland and himself, Mr Lewis said on Radio New Zealand. (3)
I sense that Copeland is discovering that Destiny are nly using him as a means to get an M.P. in parliament. He's a useful idiot for their medieval agenda, nothing more. If he expects to have real influence in a party controlled by the blackshirts of Brian Tamki, he's naive.

Tamaki has said he envisions Destiny controlling the nation in the near future:
"I predict in the next five years, by the time we hit our 10th anniversary - and I don't say this lightly - that we will be ruling the nation." (4)
That was said in 2003, so he's running short of time to meet his deadline for turning New Zealand into something like Afghanistan under the Taliban. And it won't happen, because Destiny is the fringiest of the fringe of the radical right of neo-conservative Christianity, big on judging and condemnation, low on forgiveness and tolerance.

This latest squabble shows they are incapable of working with anyone that doesn't subscribe to their fundamentalist bullshit dogma, and accept Bishop tamaki as a being somewhere between Kim il-Jong and a Chinese Empreror in omnipotence and authority. Anyone helping this deluded and dangerous man is a fool, or a danger, or both.
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