Monday, 17 September 2007

Climate change: Trojan horse for GM crops

GM crops are to be promoted as a potential way of combating climate change in Britain. Ministers are hopeful the terror of climate change will overcome the fear of GM food:
Government ministers have given their backing to a renewed campaign by farmers and industry to introduce genetically modified crops to the UK, the Guardian has learned.

They believe the public will now accept that the technology is vital to the development of higher-yield and hardier food for the world's increasing population and will help produce crops that can be used as biofuels in the fight against climate change. (1)
Astonishingly, it was only in 2004 that the government announced there would be no GM crops in Britain for the "foreseeable future" (2). Clearly, that only means three years, a useful piece of information which should be retained.

As for the suggestion that it will somehow save us from global warming, that is patent nonsense. If Britain's climate is going to change so much that non-GM crops (aka crops) won't grow, then the planet will be so screwed that other problems will overwhelm us. Bio-fuels offer no solution and only serve to divert attention from more fruitful avenues of development.

1 - "Return of GM: ministers back moves to grow crops in UK," by Alok Jha in the Guardian, 19th of September, 2007. (
2- ibid.

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