Sunday, 31 August 2014

UKIP set to hammer Tories

Douglas Carsewell stunned the British political establishment last week.

Not by defecting to the UKIP - who cares how right wing fruitcakes arrange themselves? - but by doing the honourable thing and resigning his seat so he can legitimately continue to represent the people of Clacton for his new party.  Such principle is almost unheard of in Westminster, and completely alien in the Conservative Party, which might explain why he felt the need to leave it.

Astonishingly, while Carsewell might look like Basil Fawlty, the people of Clacton must love him. A Survation poll carried out after his defection shows him utterly destroying the Tories:

CON 20%(-33)
LAB 13%(-12)
LDEM 2%(-11)
UKIP 64%(+64%)

Please note that number in brackets after the Conservative share of vote is thirty three, not three point three. And that's minus thirty three. MINUS THIRTY THREE. I can't say that enough.

Note that Labour - in spite of the onslaught of this modern day Kossuth - have managed to retain more than half their support.

Unlike the Tories.


Anonymous said...

Any one who starts a comment with "rightwing fruitcakes" has already lost the argument. I know a lot of UKIP supporters, and none of them matches that facile description.

lurgee said...

'Rightwing fruitcake' actually applies to Carsewell.

Anyway, I amn't arguing with you. ANyone who deploys the "... already lost the argument' shibboleth has already lost the argument. See what I did there?

In all seriousness, lighten up. I was whacking the Tories with the You Are Such A Miserable Bunch Of Failures Labour Might Win Again Even Though It Has Only Been Five Years Since They Were Drummed Out Of Office stick (It's a very big stick, which is why it has such a long name), not attacking the UKIP as such.

But you're just an anonymous clown on the interweb, who doesn't read articles before responding, so who really cares what you think (sic) anyway?

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