Monday, 25 August 2014

Michelle Boag is clueless and wrong SHOCK!

She's on my radio right now (National Radio's The Panel with Jim Mora), bemoaning our habit of getting involved in foreign problems because (I paraphrase) these people do not want democracy.  This is apropos of Libya.

What she clearly doesn't get is that most Libyans voted for the current Libyan government and the militants are the anti-democratic faction are trying - as happened in Egypt - the will of the people:
The victory, which secures Islamist control over Tripoli, was a culmination of weeks of fighting triggered by elections in July, lost by Islamist parties.  
 Rather than accept the elections result Islamist leaders in Libya accused the new parliament of being dominated by supporters of the former dictator Muammar Gaddafi, and have sought to restore the old national congress.
Clear?  The majority voted for sanity.  The losers resisted and went for the gun.  A little bit more bloodily and nastily than the Egyptian coupists, but essentially the same process.

So we aren't talking about countries wich are not ready for democracy but countries where democracy is dearly wanted, and - because it is craved by so many - ferociously resisted by those who see their power and privilege threatened by it.

Boag should keep her witless thoughts inside her head where they can do no harm to others.  But given her links to the anti-democratic National Party - where gross violations of democratic norms are blandly ignored by the smirking public face of rampant capitalism - we shouldn't be too surprised by her disparaging attitude to democracy.  As far as her ilk are concerned, the people of New Zealand aren't ready for it either.  The should be lied to, bullied and harangued into making the 'correct' decision, and whatever happens in pursuit of that end is okay.

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