Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Usual suspects, usual tricks

Climate change denier Bob Carter was recently in New Zealand to give a lecture [pdf] on climate change some pseudo-scientific cant even I can poke holes in (1).

One of the point he promised to delve into is that the Earth's temperature has not increased since 1998. That immediately confirms his credientials as a denier (2).

Further points of interest: the lecture was supported by the 'The Employers and Manufacturers Association and the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition,' which pretty much tells you where the 'elite' of the business community are at whith regards climate change. What was it I said a while back, when the Business Round Table released their misleading study intot he impact of the governemnt's policies on climate change? Oh yes:
the Business Roundtable consists entirely of very old rich men (even the ones who might be young, and/or female) and so they don't give a damn about saving the planet. In fact, they probably want to destroy it out of vicious spiute, the same bitterness that drives all capitalists, and stems from the time when some kid snatched their toy away in kindergarten and they vowed that they would not rest until they owned all the toys in the world. (3)
You get my point, right?

Fact is, the business community - okay, some parts of the business community - will be continuing their deliberate obfuscation. Why should they stop, after all? It isn't as if there is any new science that will convince those who are ignoring what is currently available.

The other interesting thing is that those interested in attending Mr Carter's talk were advised to contact Brian Leyland. Mr Leyland was the gentleman who penned an article some time ago that has been quoted as an exemplar of Lurgee's Paradigm in action (4).

Which tells us one cheering thing - that the climate change denier camp in New Zealand is small. They make a big noise - because they have wealth - but their numbers are very few. Even so, they don't even have enough credible, science based arguments to go around. Hence the continual regurgitation of the same old nonsense.

[Hat tip: No Right Turn (5)]

1 - 'Climate Change: a Review of the Evidence,' invitation to a lecture by Bob Carter, delivered on the 18th of April, 2008 at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron at Westhaven. (
2 - The claim that the Earth's temperature was the first example of Lurgee's Paradigm outlined. So it is fitting and righteous that Carter should prove my hard work worthwhile. The fatal flaw in the argument was described previously on lefthandpalm:
3 - The report in question is critiqued on lefthandpalm: and
4 - As described previously on lefthandpalm: The article has been cited in both the first two demonstrations of Lurgee's Paradigm: and P.S. quoting yourself is okay. Karl Marx does it in the opening line sof Capital.
5 - 'Hilarious,' posted by Idiot/Savant on No Right Turn blog, 23rd of April, 2008. (

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