Wednesday, 19 March 2008

They said it would be "Over by Christmas."

Okay, they didn't say that about the Iraq war, but the virtually did. The Independent marks the fifth anniversary of the invasion with a slew of good, angry articles from hevyweight commentators like Patrick Cockburn (1), Robert Fisk (2) and (from a few days ago) Raymond Whitaker and Steven Foley (3). Add to that an angry editorial (4) and - excellent stuff - more Cockburn (5).
1 - 'This is the war that started with lies, and continues with lie after lie after lie,' by Patrick Cocokburn in The Independent, 19th of March, 2008. (
2 - 'The only lesson we ever learn is that we never learn' by Robert Fisk in The Independent, 19th of March, 2008. (
3 - 'Iraq: Who won the war?,' by Raymond Whitaker and Stephen Foley in The Independent, 16th of March, 2008. (
4 - 'Five years after the invasion, the totality of our failure is clear,' leading article in The Independent, 19th of March,
2008. (
5 - 'A gross failure that ignored history and ended with a humiliating retreat' by Patrick Cockburn in The Independent, 17th of March, 2008.(

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