Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Fiji defends Chinese crackdown

Fiji, long regarded as a sort of Sweden in the pacific, for its domestic harmony, respect for democracy and the rule of law, has given its seal of approval (1) to the justified and righteous efforts of the benevolent government of China to maintain order in the Absolutely and Unalienably Chinese territory of Tibet. The Chinese government - itself a model of respect for human rights and blessed with a form of democracy that even the Swiss can only dream of emulating - has been under attack for some time by groups of guerrilla monks, armed with orange robes and highly dangerous chanting. The response by the Chinese authorities has been a masterclass in dignity, restrain and reason.

The fact that Fiji has just received a loan (2) of $F170 million is, of course, immaterial. After all, no one could suggest that a man as profoundly democratic and judicious as Commodore Frank Bainimarama - shortly to appoint himself King of Scotland and award himself the V.C. (3) (Rumours that he was behind the liberation of medals from colonial opression at Waioru can not be confirmed) - would be swayed by something as worldly as mammon. Between reading Schopenhauer and Locke, with a dash of Franz Fanon thrown in to liven things up, Mr Bainimarama dispenses his august wisdom with an unconcern for such worldly things as laws, democracy, freedom of the press or association, habeas corpus and the like; one can safely assume then, than something as dirty and commonplace as mere money would have no influence of this paragon of virtue.

The Pacific is blessed with not one, but two such leaders, however. The people of New Zealand need not gaze enviously in the direction of Fiji. There own leader, Helen Clark, has demonstrated qualities (4) almost as wondrous as those of Mr Bainimarama (Rumours that the Chinese are seeking to install him as the real and official - perhaps even Absolute and Inalienable - Dalai Lama, once the current terrrorist incumbent (5) has been dealt with (judciously, humanely and reasonably, of course - as one would expect of the wise and gracious government of China) can not be confirmed at this time). It is entirely possible that a less judicious person would have been swayed by the imminent signing of a world first free trade deal with the just and humane regime in Beijing, that enjoys a level of popularity not seen since the hGolden Age of Democracy in the middle east under Sadat and Hussein (6).

How lucky we are to have a leader whose eyes never waver from the distant desired goal, who is guiding New Zealand with purpose and unfaltering certainty, ever closer to the level of international respect and moral rectitude of countries such as Fiji!

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