Sunday, 6 March 2022

Not surprising

Apparently "centre-right" National will undo all the "tax hikes" that were "imposed" by Labour since 2017:

On Sunday Luxon is giving a “state of the nation” address in Auckland, and it is understood that he will use the speech to announce that National will repeal every extra tax hike or effective tax increases the Government has imposed since Labour came to office in late 2017.

Luxon is expected to also use the speech to outline how the National Party’s centre-right principles can guide New Zealand through a post-Covid world.

What's offensive isn't the disingenuous nature of the implication Labour has raised taxed extravagantly - as opposed to trying to move tax levels back to within (distant) sight of sustainable levels.  It isn't even the signaling of a return to welfare bashing and attacks on state spending (except where roads are concerned.)  That's same old national, doing what National does.

Its the indication the media are buying into this narrative, accepting National's framing of the debate - it is a "centre-right" party and tax increases are "hikes" that were "imposed."

It suggests the media are looking to boost Luxon (why, God, why?) and try to make a fight of next year's election.

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