Wednesday, 6 October 2021

COVID Clusterfuck

Well it has been fun living in the safest country in the world for a year and a half, but a combination of cynical politics from the right, and dithering incompetence from the left, and selfish sociopathy or ignorance on the part of the population , means New Zealand is very likely fucked.

Make no mistake. The economy - which we're being told is the reason we have to learn to 'live with' COVID - will be carpet-bombed because so many people will be isolating after contacts.  People will get sick.  People will die.  Hospitals will be smashed.

All this is known from experiences overseas.  All this can be confidently predicted.  All this could easily be avoided if people weren't willing to let themselves be duped by transparently stupidly false misinformation and if the government had the guts to stick to their sane and practical elimination strategy.

But hey, let's not worry, because we might all be rich by the middle of the week.

On Wednesday night, $23 million is up for grabs with Lotto Powerball. 

If won by a single player, the $23 million Powerball prize would be the largest prize won in New Zealand since February last year when two players shared a $50 million Powerball jackpot. The players, who were both from Auckland, each took home $25.1 million. 

According to Lotto, 15 New Zealanders have become multi-millionaires this year, including a man from Christchurch who won $22.5 million in February.

We all just lost big time.  Add the money and celebrity worshipping media to the list of shame above.  Wankers.

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