Thursday, 9 October 2014

Hager to hit 40K

While the Usual Suspects might complain, predictably, about the 'morality' of donating money to help someone who has 'profited' from a criminal act, or tried to 'influence' an election, the support fund for Nicky Hager should cross the $40,000 mark sometime this afternoon evening.  Wonder if Jim Mora Simon Mercep will find time to mention it on The Panel?

That's an astonishing achievement, given it has only been running a couple of days and - lets be honest - helping out Nicky Hager isn't quite as viscerally appealing as helping a brave woman hurt trying to help someone being assaulted.

But, it seems, the pockets of the left are deep, and they see this is important enough an issue for us to reach into them. And I thought socialism was supposed to equate to poverty?

(Also, a salute to any honourable right wingers who have donated to the fund, interpreting the raid on Hager's home as an abuse of state power against an individual. I have more time for principled opponents than unprincipled allies.)

Where will this end? Somewhere well past $50,000, I hope. I don't know how much of a lawyer you can get for that amount, or for how long you can have it for, but there is something psychological about the number. A good big number may cause a few queasy stomachs among the Wellington police and in the Prime Minister’s office. They may not have anticipated a real fight through the courts. All sorts of things might come to light there. Oh, dear.

There is going to be an almighty fight. Do they think it is worth it?

And maybe they will think twice, next time, before they set the Repressive State Apparatus in motion.

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