Friday, 28 March 2014

More wailing and gnashing of teeth about the possible Mana / Internet Party linkage

Speaking as a middle class, mortgaged European immigrant, I regard Hone Harawira as a man of honour and integrity. I admire his passion - which sometimes gets him into trouble - and the forthright way he responds to criticism. I wanted him and his values in parliament, which is why I voted for Mana in 2011 (in 2008, I felt unable to vote for any party and submitted a spoiled ballot paper - that's how seriously I take my political choices).

Dotcom, on the other hand, I regard as a self serving parasite who uses his wealth to buy influence to further his own interests. Buying a copy of Mien Kampf signed by Hitler as 'an investment' sums up the man perfectly - he sees the Holocaust as something he can make money out of, so he can have more baubles and buy more politicians.

 I can't see any relationship between the two parties working to the benefit of Mana. It will be tainted by the corrosive .com brand - he can play the loveable rogue only so much, and Mana will be continually question about why it is associating with a multi-millionaire possible criminal serial supporter of the right. It is a disastrous mis-step.

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