Sunday, 19 September 2010


A while back, I developed a brief interest in the shoddy career of David Garrett, following his threatening comments to prison guards testifying to a parliamentary committee (1), and his abuse of statistics with regards to crime rates in the USA (2).

I even instituted a tag, Garrettology, for these posts, expecting more would follow. But either Garrett went to ground, or (more likely) my interest in him waned - thick bullies are, by definition, uninteresting. About a week ago, immediately prior to the Tongan revelations, the identity theft lunacy and his resignation from ACT, I deleted the tag, demonstrating once again my unparalleled prescient grasp of the political landscape.

I also had one just for the ACT party - and it was also deleted in the same clean out.


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I am still here.

 I am still here.  I haven't gone away.  I'm just trying to shame you all into better behaviour through my disapproving silence.