Friday, 22 August 2008

The blogosphere just got a bit more Pompous

Hurrah! Pompous Chris has a blog (1), where he can pontificate without being beholden to such minor nuisances as editors.

Since his declared intention in launching the blog is to "smarten us up" (us being you and me and everyone except, perhaps Chris Trotter) (2). we can assume that Chris hasn't become any more humble of late, or less prone to stroking his moustache while gazing dmiringly at his reflection in every other shop window, smiling slightly as if thinking, "My, what a handsome devil I am."

Expect it to be at least half rather clunkly biblical parallels, and the other half self justification as to why he is right, and everyone else, particularly John Minto and Michael Moore, is wrong.

I wonder if he'll have an avatar with a moustache, and if there is an emoticon that indicates smugness?

Just teasing, Chris. Welcome to the neighbourhood.

1 - It can be found at Real web address:
2 - ibid.

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