Saturday, 24 May 2008

Key Confesses Cullen Cornering of Cutting Competition

John Key seems to have admitted that National won't be able to offer much more than was announced in the budget, complaining that "Is the election just about National giving a bit more in tax cuts? I don't think so" (1).

If so, John, please tell us what else it can be about, since there isn't much difference between the two parties at the moment. Is it really just a case of voting for you because we're sick of Helen?

Playing down expectations for tax cuts - clumkingly scheduled for revelation in the first week of the election campaign - is a sign that National realise they don't have much room to move about in.

Sure, they might havce written off Cullen's budget as offering the average family the equivalent of a block of Colby, but if all National can offer on top of that is a slice of processed cheese, then suddenly Key et al aren't looking quite as enticing.

Even worse, almost two thirds of voters oppose further tax cuts that jeopardise social services, according to a Business Council for Sustainable Development poll (2). Which suggests that Key may have to be very careful.
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2 - 'Markets too touchy about cuts says Cullen,' by Martin Kay in the Dominion Post, 24th of May, 2008. Reproduced on (

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