Wednesday, 10 October 2007

"National's 'happy face' mask slips" - Chris Trotter

The moustachioed one on National's recent slips, sorry, policy announcements:
The mask drops back again. But, now we've seen these masters of deception vexed
to nightmare by a colleague's indiscretion, we know, for certain, that it's the same National beast that slouches towards Wellington to be reborn. (1)

Trotter still demonstrates some affection for Bill English, waxing almost homo-erotic:

His rugged Southland features were never very well suited to wearing Mr Happy
Face in the first place. Besides, there's something ineluctably honest about
Tories from the countryside. They like a good political scrap, and have never
been very keen on tricking folk into believing they're something that they're
not. (2)

Mmm. Bruiser Bill, the thinking man's bit of political rough trade. I wouldn't give English that much credit, myself.

1 - "National's 'happy face' mask slips," by Chris Trotter, in the
Sunday Star Times, 30th of September, 2007. (
2- ibid.

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