Thursday, 15 February 2007

What is this place?

I've colonised this bit of cyberspace to flesh out thoughts and rant, generally, about the crapness or glory of things.

It is called lefthandpal because I live in Palmerston North, New Zealand (Palmerston North = palm, geddit) and I'm leftwing in my views. I'll talk about politics, the Environment, local and international issues.

Mostly, there will be a combination of political / social commentary and me posting my thoughts on books or films, becaue these are the things that interest me. I might talk about the environment, because I'm a bit green, or Iraq, because that makes me very angry. Or some random book I found in a second hand book shop and really liked.


Duck said...

Bah. Great start. "lefthandpal" was meant to be "lefthandpalm", though I'm sure anyone reading this could have worked that out for themselves.

What I also forgot to add was that I am British, Scottish in fact, so a lot of my posts will deal with the British scene.

Been living in New Zealand for about 5 years now, in Palmy for three, I think.

Duck said...


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