Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Odd. They seem to have plenty of money

... ... to donate to political parties.
[The Telegraph] has published a letter from 24 business leaders declaring that Labour's pledge to reintroduce the 50p tax rate is "a backwards step which would put the economic recovery at risk and would very quickly lead to the loss of jobs in Britain" ... Of the 24 signatories, eight have donated a total of £776,111 to the Tories. 
Here, courtesy of the Electoral Commission, are the full details of their donations. 
Richard Caring - £222,000.75 
Neil Clifford, Chief Executive, Kurt Geiger - £12,000 
Peter Cullum, Executive Chairman, Towergate - £15,000 from Towergate to the Conservative 1922 Committee 
Michael Gutman, Chief Executive, Westfield Group - £211,570 from Westfield; Gutman has attended Conservative Leader's Group dinners 
Mike Lynch, Chairman, Invoke Capital; Founder, Autonomy - £50,000 
Tim Oliver, Founder and Chairman, Hampden - £12,940 from Oliver, £54,600 from Hampden 
Paul Walsh - £10,000 
Will Wyatt, CEO, Caledonia - £188,000 from Caledonia to Conservative associations/candidates
Total: £776,110.75 
Perhaps if they stopped squandering their cash on trying to buy politicians ensuring the continuance of personally favourable political trends, a slightly higher tax rate on the very toppermost bit of their already considerable incomes wouldn't seem so outrageous.

And given they have invested so much in such a worthless enterprise as the Tory party - unable to attain a majority in spite of 12 years of Labour incumbency, the Iraq invasion, economic collapse and Gordon Brown - we should stop worshipping the very rich and indeed cease listening to them at all.  Talk about a bad investment.

They clearly aren't any cleverer than the rest of us.

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