Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Cameron - stupid, blind, or both?

From The Guardian:
"I think these people who seem to have learned absolutely nothing from what went wrong with our economy, that the problems were based on too much borrowing, too much spending, too much debt, and they're really saying: 'If you gave us the key to the car, we would drive it in exactly the same way into exactly the same wall'." 
Cameron also gave an upbeat assessment of the economy before publication of Tuesday's figures on growth. He said there was no need to be too gloomy about poor balance-of-payment figures and suggestions the upturn is fuelled by higher consumer spending.
Cameron unwittingly describes his own stupidly 'relaxed' attitude to the hints that the economy is about to stagger back into crisis. Having spent most of the recovery trash talking Britain, he's now talking the the recovery up, wilfully ignoring the warning signs. To borrow his own metaphor, having watched Labour crash the car into the wall, he's jumped into his own vehicle and is driving at it as well. Sorry, Dave, who did you say learned nothing?

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