Sunday, 19 January 2014

More (British) Polls!

Polls! More polls! I can't get enough polls!


CON 30%(nc)
LAB 36%(-1)
LDEM 8%(nc)
UKIP 17%(nc)


CON 30%(+1)
LAB 35%(-1)
LDEM 8%(nc)
UKIP 19%(+1)

Interesting that ComRes, Opinium and Survation all give the UKIP about 18% of the vote and a cocmparatively low Labour lead, while Populous. IPSOS Mori and YouGov record higher levels of Labour support and lower UKIP support.

It's like a contingent of Labour voters are somehow being recorded as UKIP supporters.  I am sure there is some entrancingly dull methodological reason for it, and ther reason is probably more to do with weighting than actual flesh and blood voters; but it seems very bizarre that it would affect parties that are seen as at opposite ends of the spectrum, rather than close together.

If polling companies were showing was the Tories suffering to the UKIP's benefit, then it would be a bit logical; as it is, it is a bit mad.

As always, nuff respek to Anthony Wells at UK Polling Report

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