Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Giant Eagle Terrorises Yorkshire

Indeed, 'tis true!
Chris O’Donnell lost Nikita, a Steller’s sea eagle, after training in windy conditions near Brackenbottom, North Yorks, and believes the 10-year-old eagle may have been blown off course. Police today stated the bird was not dangerous to the public, but yesterday tweeted a warning to pet owners to keep small animals indoors. Nikita's trainer said yesterday: “She’s massive – like a small glider,” but reassured people the eagle was harmless. Mr O’Donnell believes the bird will be found a few miles away, adding: “It’ll be sitting in a field wishing it was back home.” Steller's sea eagles are native to eastern Russia, and migrate to Japan each winter where they are now revered.
If it is a threat to small animals, it is endangering most of the intelligent life in Yorkshire.

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