Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Take your hobbit and ...

Why is it that - assuming the Warners claim that the impasse over the filming of The Hobbit is a result of unruly unions - they want more inducements to commit to New Zealand (1)? Come off it. We know you're greedy. Please don't treat us like we're stupid.

And will the national government really use this as an excuse for further assaults on employee rights? As if they hadn't already done enough!

Meanwhile, artist Tao Wells is lambasted in the media for suggesting that work is over-rated and soul destroying. Am I the only one who thinks this is odd? A major Hollywood studio is holding the New Zealand film industry to ransom, assisted by the mysteriously quiescent director-executive producer of the film, and the governments response is to roll over, offer the studio financial 'incentives,' and sacrifice our employment rights. Maybe I'm missing something here, but that isn't how your meant to deal with bullies. They'll just ask for more.

It's time New Zealand stopped clinging to the coat tails of a fad for a fantasy world dreamed up by an effete English academic, and grew up. The fascination the film industry holds is largely down to the failure of successive governments to halt the decline of real industry in New Zealand. Instead of actually encouraging real economic growth, we've resorted to begging foreigners to use us as a playground and a back lot for film making.

Why is it a big Deal when Chinese companies try to buy New Zealand farms, but not when American film studios dictate our employment law and demand bribes to honour us with their presence?

Tell them to take their hobbit and shove it.
1 - "Subsidies focus of Hobbit talks," by Martin Kay. Published by Stuff. 27th of October, 2010. (

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