Thursday, 21 October 2010

The house reeks of death and dripping blood

Dearie me, I toddle off to bed, warmed by a couple of shots of Glenfiddich and I awake to find George Osbourne has destroyed the British recovery, welfare state public sector and economy (1). The absurdity being that he said he was going to do it, rather in the manner of a child announcing he's going to leave home ("I'm at the door now! I'm walking out the door!") and everyone just sat around and let him get on with it, and no-one stopped to think, "Wait a minute, this is madness." Some even seemed to get quiet tumescent at the prospect of austerity - though always by proxy. We always love austerity when the bite is on someone else, but I think we'll soon find that Osbourne's Austerity-litz very much has him in the role of the Russian Tsar, not as Napoleon.

Only a few sane voices warned that this would be a Very Bad Thing. but like Cassandra, though they saw clearly, they were doomed to be ignored.

This is a monumental fuck up. At this stage, jobs are more important than balancing the budget. That can be done later. It's all based on the monumental lie that the government had to act now, to reassure the markets. Utter bullshit, as bond prices had not wavered. It was a phantom danger, played upon to justify what was a once in a century opportunity to decimate (actually, at almost 20%, doubly decimate) the public service - and blame Labour.
1 - "Spending review axe falls on the poor," by Patrick Wintour and Larry Elliot. Published in The Gaurdian, 20th of October, 2010. (

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