Saturday, 9 October 2010

Go away, little man

So what does Paul Henry have to do to get sacked by TVNZ? The man obviously want to get out, yet TVNZ won't give him the satisfaction of sacking him so he can claim to be the victim of 'political correctness' from the comfort of a tacky talkback show, prior to attempting to rekindle his political career, in the manner of Michael Laws.

Henry has, in quick succession, insulted the Governor General and - worse - done so inaccurately, and made fun of an Indian bureacrat simply because he finds her name funny. This soon after insulting Susan Boyle and anyone struggling with mental illness, for which he was condemned by the BSA.

All these incidents took place on air, when Mr Henry was acting in his professional capacity.

Yet, security guard Louis Rawnsley was sacked with in minutes when - in his own time and in a private capactiy, albeit while still on TVNZ property and wearing his uniform - he approached Christine Rankin and quietly told her that he thought some comments she had made were insulting towards Maori.

A double standard? You bet your sweet life.

Though I should add that the rent-a-mob that appeared to protest outside the TVNZ studios was a bit tiresome and predictable - some of their placards probably recycled from the last time Henry shot his stupid mouth off. It reminded me of The Simpsons, where torch-and-pitchfork weilding mobs materialise at a moments notice.

Obviously, the semi-organised low level left media watchers have their knives out for Henry, enforcing their own version of the Hays Code, censoring people for unspeakable violations of their own moral standards. Henry should be sacked, which is proably what he wants anyway, but these self important placard warriors make me very tired.

There are far, far more important things in the world, and even New Zealand, than getting onto the evening news, waving your placard about opposing the vile misogynistic, racialist and dim sneerings of Paul Henry. On some level, the protestors and the protestee are just the same - more interesting in promoting themselves and fulfilling some sort of role they have chosen to play.

Unlike bloggers, of course ...

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