Sunday, 12 July 2009

Violence in the PRC

I am sickened by the violence in the PRC (1).

The root cause of the savage violence that has left more than 150 people - mostly ethnic Han Chinese - dead, are the racist policies of the Bastards of Beijing our valued trading partner. For decades, the communist crackpots have been funnelling Han into the area in huge numbers, to fustrate any democratic effort by the majority Uighurs to independence or genuine autonomy.

It is interesting to speculate that this may be caused by the economic slowdown - it has been suggested that growth of less than 8% could lead to civil unrest in the PRC, simply because anything less will mean there are not enough jobs to go round (2). If so, places like Xinjiang, where there is a large non-Han population that is economically disadvantaged and has a history of independence, will be the first to 'brew up.'

I await the sort of condemnation directed at Iran to be aimed at Beijing. Lefthandpalm expects, cynically, it will not be forthcoming, as the PRC is for too economically important to annoy. Profits over principles, as usual.
1 - "China's ethnic tinderbox ," by Dru Gladney, published by the BBC online, 9th of July, 2009. (
2 - "World Bank Cuts China's 2009 Growth Forecast
," by Joe MacDonald, published by the AP, 18th of March, 2009. Reproduced by ABC News. (

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