Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cadbury's can go fuck itself

I'm revolted by Cadbury's decision to add palm oil to its products (1).

This means all ready threatened eco-systems in third world countries, home to myriad endangered species, will be destroyed, so that pampered western consumers can continue to pamper themselves at a lower cost.

It is this simple - when I want eat chocolate, I want to eat chocolate. I don't want to kill orangutans. When I want to kill orangutans, I want to kill orangutans. I don't want to eat chocolate.

I don't want to mix these pleasures.
1 - "Zoo bars Cadbury products," by Catherine Woulfe and Kerrie Waterworth in the Sunday Star Times, 12th of July, 2009. (

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LaLoba said...

Very succinctly put! Although I can't condone your side-hobby of killing orangutans, I do appreciate that you don't want it to mix with your enjoyment of chocolate! :)
Check out the petition here:

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