Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Breaking news: women less deserving of slaughter than homosexuals

Clayton Weatherston has been found guilty of murder (1).

Contrast this verdict with the manslaughter verdict in the killing of Ronald Brown, by Ferdinand Ambach (2).

In both cases, the victim was killed in a frenzied, sustained attack, with a degree of savagery that is hard to comprehend. In both cases, the defendant used the defence of manslaughter, arguing that there was provokation resulting a a loss of control. In neither case is there any evidence of his, other than the word of the defendant.

I can't see any significant reason why Ambach was less culpable than Weatherston, except that in one case, the victim was a homosexual man, and in the other case it was a heterosexual woman. And that there is a lurking conviction in the minds of a lot of people that - somehow - it is acceptable to slaughter a human being for being homosexual.

I am VERY angry at this stinking hypocrisy. Both verdicts should have been the same, and should have been murder.
1 - "Clayton Weatherston guilty of Sophie Elliott's murder," by John Harteveldt, in The Press, 22nd of July, 2009, reproduced on stuff. (
2 - "Manslaughter verdict in banjo death case," unattributed NZPA story, 9th of July, 2009. Rerpoduced onby TV3 News. (

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Christopher said...

Totally agree; as a gay man the hypocrisy is appalling and a blighted indictment on society.

The only small miracle is that the Sophie Ellis case finally provided straight white males masquerading as Justice Ministers the impetus to seek removal of sec. 169 in the Crimes Act.

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