Sunday, 19 July 2009

Swiftian Medical Care

A rightwing British think tank has proposed a £20 fee for patients to see their doctor:
Patients should be charged £20 to see a GP in a bid to limit demands placed on the health service, a centre-right think-tank says.

The Social Market Foundation said forcing people to pay a fee for an appointment could help the NHS cope in the tight financial times ahead. (1)

I think it is a fantastic idea.

If you are such a vile pauper you can't afford twenty quid to see the doctor, then it is good that you sicken and die sooner rather than later, so as to avoid the cost of maintaining such an unproductive member of society into dotage.

Thankfully, I no longer dwell in sentimental Britain with its parasite class of blood sucking scroungers voting themselves more freebies at every election, but in forward looking, lean and mean New Zealand, where visionary polices, such as making health care beyond the reach of paupers, are already in place.

And why stop there? Obviously, the only way to stop the parasitical scum voting down such sensible ideas is to make voting a paid for privilege, not a right as those sappy liberals insist it should be. And probably, some form of licensing on reproduction, in case the Morlocks try to build up the numbers to stage a revolt.

I am, of course, taking the piss. In case anyone thought I was being serious, even for a nano-second.

One lesson I have learned - albeit bery slowly - is that some people take everything VERY SERIOUSLY.

1 - "Call for £20 charge to see doctor," unattributed BBC article, published 18th of July, 2009. (

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